Coal & Peat Deposits of Georgia

Georgian coal deposits are related to two mineralization epochs (for getting to geological & metallogenic framework, please,
here). During the Early Alpine time hard coal deposits were connected with the carboniferous molassic Middle Jurassic sequence in the Gagra-Java subterrane. These sediments underwent intense dyagenetic and autigene alterations during Early and Late Cretaceous sedimentation. In Late Alpine epoch the Akhaltsikhe brown coal mine (Adjara-Trialeti subterrane) was due to reducing sedimentation in lacustrine and bog conditions that happened between volcanic paroxysms. The Tkibuli-Shaori and the Tkvarcheli mines include 347,000,000 tons of hard coal. Their calorific capacity varies from 4,100 up to 5,600 kcal/kg. Ash content is equal to 1.5-8% in average. The Akhaltsikhe deposit hosts 71,000,000 tons of lignite in the Lower Neogene sandy carboniferous sequence among the shallow water sandy-clayey sediments followed by coarse-grained tuffaceous rocks. Calorific capacity of coal in different horizons varies from 3,230 up to 4,500 kcal/kg, ash content - from 13.03 up to 45.00%.

Among the 46 peat manifestations of Georgia five have industrial importance. Bulk peat reserves of these bogs exceed 71,000,000 m3. All of them are related to the Kolkheti Lowland and are distributed along the Black Sea coast. Peat belongs to the lowland type, mean ash content varies from 25 up to 45%, natural moisture is equal to 88-91%. Peat is characterized by low acidity (pH = 5-6) and N content of 1.3-1.5%.

Table below provides information on coal and peat deposits of Georgia

Raw Deposit Technologic characteristics Reserves
Material Unit of Measure Value
1 Hard coal Tkvarcheli moisture - 1.5-3%, ash -34.7%, calorific capacity -3.500-7.500kcal/kg thousand t 19,550
2 Hard coal Tkibuli-Shaori moisture - 6-10%, ash - 10-12%, calorific capacity - 5970-6300 kcal/kg thousand t 377,970
3 Brown coal Akhltsikhe moisture - 12-13%, ash - 36%, calorific capacity - 3230 - 4500 kcal/kg thousand t 75,766
4 Peat Kobuleti moisture - 94.3%, ash - 22% thousand m³ 2,003
5 Peat Imnati moisture - 91%, ash - 23% thousand m³ 29,906
6 Peat Nabadi moisture - 90%, ash - 70% thousand m³ 12,385
7 Peat Anaklia moisture - 89%, ash - 45% thousand m³ 28,074
8 Peat Poti moiture - 80%, ash - 31% thousand m³ 26,731