Hydrocarbons in Georgia

Several important oil and a single gas deposits are known in Georgia. They are distributed in both the Middle Mtkvari and the Dzirula subterranes (for getting geological & metallogenic framework, please,
. The former continues the Azerbaijan oil fields whereas the latter belongs to the Black Sea basin, the marine part of which has not been appraised yet. These occurrences are related to the Middle Alpine epoch of mineralization when during Maikop sedimentation, primary accumulations of hydrocarbons have occurred. After Neogene transgression these hydrocarbons migrated to dome structures forming oil and gas fields. Bulk reserves of crude oil of these deposits are calculated to be 32.5 million tons and economic resources - 92 million tons (excluding the Black Sea marine zone within the limits of the Georgian exclusive economic zone). Gas reserves are equal to 9.3 billion m3 (see Table below). Petroleum is of a high quality and belongs to the naphtha type. Its density varies between 0.856 and 0.878 g/cm3; mean quantity of oils is 42.7% and those of the light fraction - 38.23%. Petroleum is characterized by a low percentage of sulfur.

Deposit Enclosing Rocks Reserves
Hydrocar-bon Unit of measure Value
1 Sartichala Oligocene sandy-clayey sequence Oil Gas thousand t mln m³ 13,966.600 1,732.438
2 Norio-Martkopi same Oil Gas thousand t mln m³ 14,874.300 2,266.252
3 Satskhenisi same Oil Gas thousand t mln m³ 1,927.100 18.929
4 Mirzaani same Oil Gas thousand t mln m³ 367.600 61.321
5 Patara Shiraki same Oil Gas thousand t mln m³ 293.500 14.946
6 Taribani same Oil Gas thousand t mln m³ 1,001.700 16.996
7 Supsa Quaternary sandy sequence Oil Gas thousand t mln m³ 17.000 11.703
8 Rustavi Oligocene sandy-clayey sequence Gas mln m3 5,157.000
TOTAL Oil Gas thousand t mln m³ 32,447.800 9,267.882