Iron Deposits of Georgia

Georgia does not belong to important iron-bearing provinces. At the same time, bulk reserves of FeO of its 4 commercial deposits (Tkibuli-Shaori, Dzama, Poladauri and Supsa-Natanebi) are equal to 226,000,000 tons. Reserves of each deposit are given in the Table below.

Iron deposits are related to four mineralization epochs (for getting to geological & metallogenic framework, please,
Early Alpine hydrothermal activity of the Bolnisi Mining District started by formation of iron ores. Middle Alpine sedimentary iron occurrences are due to coal-bearing strata of the Gagra-Java subterrane. Late Alpine skarn magnetite mineralization is connected with granodiorite-monzonite complexes in the western part of the Adjara-Trialeti subterrane. At least, the Black Sea littoral zone host modern sea iron-bearing placers.

The Dzama skarn-magnetite deposit in the Ajara-Trialeti subterrane is related to an exocontact of a Neogene gabbro-diorite Kvirani massif. Magnetite skarns contains massive (Fe content 45-60%), high graded (Fe content 30-45%) and low-graded (Fe content 20-30%) impregnation ores.

The Poladauri hematite deposit in the Bolnisi Mining District was mined from 1862 up to 1927. Hematite ores are related to Upper Cretaceous volcanic and tuffaceous rocks and belong to the lower part of the ore-metasomatic column in ascending section being rapidly replaced by copper and barite-polymetallic ores. The deposit consists of several strata-bound orebodies with average thickness of 12 m. Fe content varies from 32 up to 41% but ores are easily enrichable.

The Tkibuli-Shaori deposit is related to the Middle Jurassic Tkibuli-Shaori coal. Here siderite strata alternate with coal seams. Mean grade of siderite ores is 34.5%, average thickness of orebodies is as much as 3.9 m.

Magnetite placers of the Black Sea coast are 50 km long but extremely rich they are near the river Supsa inflow (Supsa-Natanebi deposit). Here content of magnetite and titanomagnetite fractions is 3% with reserves of 45,000,000 tons (15,400,000 tons of iron).

Deposit Type Wallrock Cons- Grade, Reserves
alteration tituent % item Unit of measure Value
1 Dzama iron-skarn skarn Fe 32.14 ores Fe thousand t thousand t 16,667 5,357
2 Poladauri hydrother-mal quartz-seri-cite-chlorite Fe 36.00 ores thousand t thousand t 6,173 2,223
3 Tkibuli-Shaori sedimen-tary none Fe 34.40 ores Fe thousand t thousand t 210,000 72,240
4 Supsa-Na-tanebi placer none Fe 2-3 ores Fe thousand t thousand t 770,000 15,400