Paata Kervalishvili

     Professor, Doctor of Sciences and Dr.-Eng. Paata J. Kervalishvili (born - 1949) is full Professor at department of Physics within Georgian Technical University, as well as Professor of faculty of exact and natural sciences of Tbilisi State University. From 1970 until 1992 Prof. Kervalishvili was researcher and Director in different research and technology centers within the Middle Machinery Ministry (State Committee for Atomic Energy) of former USSR main body of the Soviet atomic energy and weapon industry. In 1994 - 1999, after one year in Parliament of Georgia he worked in government of Georgia as one of the leaders of the State Committee for Science and Technology of and Ministry of Economy of Georgia.

A condensed matter physicist with Technical University Diploma, Dr. Kervalishvili has served in several directions of physics and technology such as: atomic and molecular physics, semiconductors and insulators, nuclear and laser technologies, novel materials, sensor, energy and information technologies. He is author of more then 300 scientific publications, books, manuals, and inventions.

Prof. Kervalishvili is a member of more then 10 top level academies and research councils and among them: full member of American, European, Russian and Georgian academies of natural sciences, Georgian Engineering academy and other distinguish organizations. Currently he is the President of Georgian Academy of Natural Sciences and President of Euro Mediterranean Academy of Arts and Sciences. More then 20 prestigious prizes and state orders award Dr. Kervalishvili.

As a Director and coordinator of several World Bank, EU, ISTC, etc. projects and Chairman of International Forums and Conferences, as well as Professor of some well known European and American Universities he has the wide international experience. P. Kervalishvili received his B.S. and M.S. in solid state physics from Georgian Technical University. The Research and technological Centre "Institute Giredmet" awarded him the title of Ph. D., and Dr.-Eng. in 1978, and Soviet atomic centre "Kurchatov Institute" - degree of Doctor of physics and mathematics (1984). He got USSR Professor State title in 1989.