Deposits of Rare Metals and Elements in Georgia

There is a number of rare metal/element deposits in Georgia, few of them having large tonnage and high grade of ores. These deposits are distributed in different terranes (for getting geological & metallogenic framework, please,
here). Lukhumi Au-As Mine is related to the Mestia-Tianeti subterrane and is characterized by very unusual geological features. This Mine belongs to the Carlin-type deposits, where realgar-orepigment mineralization is encountered in a thick stratum of limestones among rhythmical calcaceous Upper Cretaceous affinity. The ore zone is related to a long-living deep fault at the margin of the Mestia-Tianeti and the Chkhalta-Tphani subterranes. Gold-bearing arsenopyritic impregnation form a halo between the handing wall of the fault and the lying contact of realgar-orepigment veinlet bodies.

Realgar-Orepigment Ores at the Lukhumi Mine. A. Tvalchrelidze Mineralogical Museum, I.
Javakhishvili Tbilisi State University

Other deposits, distributed in the Greater Caucasus terrane and the Chchalta-Tphani subterrane, are determined by specific
mineralization processes related to formation of the Greater Caucasus mountainous system. These deposits occur either near ore-bearing
orogenic granitic domes
(Mo, W) or in fault-related fissure zones (Hg, Sb, partly As). Deposits comprise:

  Molybdenum ores (Karobi Mine);

  Wolfram ores (Notsara Mine);

  Arsenic ores (Tsana Mine; Chorokhi deposit);

  Antimony and antimony-tungsten ores (Zopkhito Mine and Chveshuri deposit);

  Mercury ores (Akhei, Avadkhara, Akhakhcha, Talakhiani and Gomi deposits).

Table below demonstrates some features of these ores.

Deposit Type Wallrock Cons- Grade, Reserves
alteration tituent % item Unit of measure Value
Karobi hydrother-mal silicification Mo 0.98 ores Mo thousand t t 55 50
Notsata same same W Au 3.58 0.00023 ores W Au t t kg 10,826 50 1,882
Tsana same quartz-sericite As 16.4 ores As thousand t t 355 55,000
Chorokhi same same As Sn 12.71 0.14 ores As Sn thousand t t t 39.4 4,500 41
Lukhumi telethermal calcitization As Sb Au 7.80 7.32 0.00013 ores As Sb Au thousand t t t kg 150 11,100 1,800 1,404
Akhey telethermal dickitization Hg 0.34 ores Hg thousand t t 824 2,546
Avadkhara same same Hg 0.29 ores Hg thousand t t 480 1,353
Akhakhcha same same Hg 0.50 ores Hg thousand t t
Talakhiani same same Hg 0.41 ores Hg thousand t t 75 300
Gomi telethermal dickitization Hg 0.27 ores Hg thousand t t 98.78 289
Zopkhito hydrother-mal quartz-sericite-chlorite Sb Au Ag 12.39 0.00030 0.00137 ores Sb Au Ag thousand t t kg t 231.4 27,418 8,789 39
Chveshuri same same Sb 10.81 ores Sb thousand t t 121 12,746

Quartz-Antymonite Ores at the Zopkhito Mine. A. Tvalchrelidze Mineralogical Museum, I.
Javakhishvili Tbilisi State University

Cinnabar Ores at the Akhei Deposit. A. Tvalchrelidze Mineralogical Museum, I. Javakhishvili
Tbilisi State University