Dr. Paata Shevardnadze (b.1958)

     Got his PhD from TBILISI STATE UNIVERSITY in 1984 for his book on the 29th century anglo- irish poetry. For ten years (1980-1990) he worked for the center of contemporary cultural studies at the Tbilisi State University; his academic field of reseach comprised philosophy of arts cultural anthropology. 1990 to 2008 he served as an international civil servant for UNESCO, senior program specialist, Charge-de-mission. Through all these years he convened tens of international conferences, workshops, symposia etc. launched numerous projects and publication covering the broad range of socio-economic and cultural issues: Future scenarios of development of Eastern Europe, Technological Development and Democracy, Countries in Transition and Technological Development, Dialogue of Cultures in Southern Caucasus and Eastern Europe, Technology and Tolerance, Nation-Statehood and Technological Development, and series of projects on renewable energies and sustainable development. In February 2010 he established International Foundation for Sustatinable Development in Switzerland and Georgia.